Corporate Vision

Our vision is to create an eminent company that responds to the financial needs of the Canadian public with solid investment strategies and powerful advice.

To achieve this vision, SIPAN Capital’s practices and services to clients are governed by integrity, honesty, accountability, reliability, accuracy, and an unwavering commitment to obtain and offer financial solutions best suited for our clientele. These attributes create synergies of excellence that keep us client focused and results driven.

At SIPAN Capital, each participating member of the corporation pledges to provide superior customer service, always endeavoring to seek new and innovative approaches for customer satisfaction.
Our strategies have a sole objective: to accelerate the wealth creation while preserving capital for every Canadian individual, family and company.

Our Value Proposition

  • We will share with our clients the processes of strategic wealth creation, asset repositioning and income optimization to reduce tax and increase wealth.

  • We will apply proven investing principles; and hold true to our philosophy of long term value investing.

  • Tax efficiencies will be considered of foremost importance while considering our clients’ objectives.

  • We will keep our clients informed of developments in the investment arena and will offer to act on opportunities.

  • We will ensure the tax efficient transference of wealth to the next generation through our Estate Planning services.

  • We will always inform you of the best of financial vehicles; maintain our independent thinking and offer innovative solutions.

  • We maintain a vested interest in your growth

Sipan Capital serve Oakville and Mississauga residents with life insurance, financial planning and retirement planning solutions.


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